an espresso and some huge numbers

September 27, 2007

espresso and a huge number

– (((((number of letters in wikipedia)!)!)!)!)!

– computation time, in steps, for a turing machine to compute a tsp on all atoms of universe

– one over the probability that a meteor hits my car and bounces over your car

– 10 snowflakes fall on your hand: one over the probability they are all equals

Actually i am testing the following game, one player against an another one, wins who names the biggest number. Right now the rules are the following:

– natural and finite number

– definition in english language commonly accepted by both player that effectively describes a number bigger than the previous

– the same operation or concept of number can’t be used again (exception: number you said concept is always allowed).

So a possible running of the game is:

P1: 1 (so simply naming a number is not more allowed)

P2: e^10 (exponentiation is not more allowed)

P1: the number you said plus 1 (no more plus)

P2: (((((number of letters in wikipedia)!)!)!)!)! (no more factorization and number of letters)

P1: Number you said in decimal transcription but in base 12

P2: Time in second it takes to count a number of objects as the number you said


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