Free Thinking

October 18, 2007

What is free thinking? Maybe it is easy to say but it is not easy to do at all. Free thinking is to have freedom to think and state everything you want. This immediately leads to the violation problem, that is thinking and stating something that actually violates an other one free will right, and so there is a little smoothing of free thinking, until it stop to be free at all. WHAT IS HAPPENING? I think it is like when we try to move in a place without friction, it is not possible, unless we add up some handle that allow us to move in some direction. What can be our handles? It is more easy that it looks like,

zero handle:finding out to we are not right, our opinion is bad, we have been mislead is always a pain; our zero handle is to be brave enough to get naked and dive into ice water.

first handle: thinking with its own head is always a good idea.

second handle: state what you are thinking, because by stating that you will face reality and you will see what happen

third handle:test continuosly everything. Every software is plenty of bugs, why not our world? Bugs can be effectively found only through testing

fourth handle: by actual scientific discoveries it looks like we can move in three spacial directions; that’s not true in not geometrical life, we often do not realize that we can move in many direction, but we did not tried them, often they are wide open doors and it is only matter of stepping into.

pratical handles: Are you discussing with someone that can change its idea? If the answer is ‘no’ stop immediately to waste your time. Are you discussing with someone attacking you and not your idea?Ok stop talking and let’s fight. Does it exists a written text that explain general ideas and do you both discuss about that text? If it is not the case stop right now wasting your time (for example it seems that not so many catholics have read the whole bible, it is a boring book after all(apart from Gospels, of course)) Are you trying to convince someone? Convincing someone is like convincing ourselves, a very bad habit I think.

[edit: 23/10/2007]: propaganda model is very related to this discussion