Fluid Intelligence

September 5, 2009

Why not improving our fluid intelligence with a bit of daily exercise? Fluid intelligence is the skill to solve problems such as Raven Matrices [1,2]

Raven matrix

Raven matrix

all we need to do is to guess the empty space. I encrypted the solution at the end [3].

Incredible but true Jaeggi found that a simple game, called n-back, can train our ram, that is our short-term memory, and that the improvement allow us to be more good at Raven’s tricks.

The game consists of memorizing independently but at the same time a sound and an image.

The game has different levels of difficulties and each level-up is a real challenge! [4].

A Scientific Note

From the scientific point of view Jaeggi pubblication has different interesting aspects:

The first one is that partecipants to her experiments tried the Raven’s test before and after training with the game BUT doing Raven’s test make you more good at it! Half of them was devoted to simply check the improvement given by the test itself. In practice we should account that measuring intelligence change intelligence.

Secondly, usually being good at some task does not make us more intelligent or more good at some other task, it is almost impossible to transfer skills from a task to the other. This make Jaeggi results just surprisings.

The third is that the more you traing the more your fluid intelligence get better! The group of those who make the training was divided into different periods of training, and those who train the more also gained the more.

Jaeggi , only Jaeggi

When I downloaded the software Brainworkshop I found a forum of people who was sharing their experience but I was disappointed to find out many that changed the protocol of Jaeggi, usually making it more difficult, thinking that this would improve the gainings in fluid intelligence. I do not think that this is correct, first if you change the protocol you can no more compare your results with those of Jaeggi pubblication, secondly the experiment is designed to transfer skills from a task to another and I feel that when the exercise is too much difficult this transfer may not happen.

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[2]: http://www.johnraven.co.uk/

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