Science. Oh, science.

October 17, 2009

Recently I am getting more and more involved with science, I read “The Logic of Scientific Discovery” by Popper, “Fooled by Randomness” and “The Black Swan” by Taleb and “The structure of scientific revolutions” by Kuhn. Ah, I follow the blog “Science Based Medicine”. As I try to get their points I am sure about one thing:

Science Rocks.

Science is NOT intuitive and our brain is not really fit for it. We have to think hard and with humbleness for getting how it works.

Popper propose the following: we cannot know, we can only test. Taleb stresses that even if we test we should not trust our interpretation of the test, because tha brain is hard-coded for believing in the test rather then being skeptycal about it. The blog “Science Based Medicine” try to explain these points to not-scientifically-trained people who want to use medicine.

Kuhn explore how science changes all over the years.

Know what? The blog “Science Based Medicine” is doing a really hard job, almost impossible, I really respect their courage to attack other people and repeat over and over again their point.

You can see when something is NOT science: it is proposed/invented by a single person (see omeopathy) and not by a community, it highly involves the media (see cold fusion), difficult to assess its results (see acupuncture)

Still I have a non-scientific personal opinion, whatever it happens please do not cease to hope:


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