Paradoxes are needed

March 26, 2010

son of a man

“Son of man”, Magritte. I hate Magritte. When I look to one of his works I feel a pain in my throat and I can’t breath. I think that it is because its picture are visual and effective paradoxes for my mind.

I feel that paradoxes are the key for changing our point of view, maybe we have the delusion of been comfortable but a nasty paradox make our position uncomfortable. Of course many reasonings are not paradox, they are simply some trap of natural language or not mathematical developed skills. I will do some positive example:

Voting Paradox (Democracy sucks). Comment: “What? You guy are a nazi and forget all the people died for your freedom!”, maybe the reader is not so trivial but this is an example of uncomfortable sentence that I think is true, for example in Italy a law was approved 160 votes against 155. I do not think it is fair.

– Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Comment: What if police itself do crimes? It seems that the keeper logic has some point of weakness, after all.

– The end of complaining. Comment: Did you notice? You may invent some time saving technology, save the world, end a war and… someone will complain. But there is something more profound in that paradox, that is things, uses, prices (I imagine an office and a marketing guy that is deciding the price of a new XYZ product. He starts from 1000 euros and imagine what happen if XYZ costs that price…), thinkings will always set to a minimum level of complaining. Think to that, economist.

Can we define a paradox? I think it is as difficult as defining the verb to be


t-shirts from the ’80

March 19, 2010

I spotted those three:

Krang from dimension X

krang from dimension X

Decepticon symbol (just cooler then transformers also in the movie)

Get 1 life in supermario bros, I still remember the little sound

Golden rule

March 6, 2010

Read the manual.

Everytime I did it saved me. Just today I find out that my new cordless phone was not broken but it was interferring with the wireless network.

By reading the manual.

eight centimeters

March 4, 2010

After the chile eartquake the earth’axis has moved of eight centimeters. That’s an important quantity if you think of how much big is our planet. And maybe God does not exist.