A memory lapse

April 15, 2010

What remains after days of working in front of a monitor, aging, but not living.


The Holy Shroud

April 13, 2010

is a fake from the middle ages (dated with carbon-14). Why not stop selling the face of an unknown as the one of Jesus?

The Holy Shroud. Is just a fake.

Even if technologies  make us all feeling like scientists, the majority of people still produce sentences that are neither verifiable or predictive:
– didn’t you know that [such politician] is a [definition that is not verifiable because italian ¬†newspapers stopped to inform us fifteen years ago]
– Even if there is the crisis (which us common mortals cannot verify) in the future economy will rise again (that, even if we remember to check is a “generic” prediction)
– We will cure cancer (what kind? There are a lot and are completely different) in three years (uau!)! (This has really been said by Berlusconi a month ago for propaganda).
But what are the professional figures that produce predictive and verifiable models? I divided into four categories the university profiles, excluding law:
– Verifiable and Predictive: Science and Medicine
– Predictive but not verifiable: Engineering and Economy (and yes, how can one make a prediction that cannot be verified before its time?)
– Verifiable but not predictive: Historians (Love’em)
– Not verifiable and not predictive: Philosophy (Hic sunt leones)
Subdivision of faculty based upon verifiability and predictiveness