Science is on the top right corner

April 12, 2010

Even if technologies  make us all feeling like scientists, the majority of people still produce sentences that are neither verifiable or predictive:
– didn’t you know that [such politician] is a [definition that is not verifiable because italian  newspapers stopped to inform us fifteen years ago]
– Even if there is the crisis (which us common mortals cannot verify) in the future economy will rise again (that, even if we remember to check is a “generic” prediction)
– We will cure cancer (what kind? There are a lot and are completely different) in three years (uau!)! (This has really been said by Berlusconi a month ago for propaganda).
But what are the professional figures that produce predictive and verifiable models? I divided into four categories the university profiles, excluding law:
– Verifiable and Predictive: Science and Medicine
– Predictive but not verifiable: Engineering and Economy (and yes, how can one make a prediction that cannot be verified before its time?)
– Verifiable but not predictive: Historians (Love’em)
– Not verifiable and not predictive: Philosophy (Hic sunt leones)
Subdivision of faculty based upon verifiability and predictiveness

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